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Freshers Week: Gathering at HZAU, Enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival

On September 20th, in Taoyuan canteen and Mengzeyuan canteen, Food Service Center of Logistics Support Division and Life Security and Rights Division of Students’ Union jointly held the Mid-Autumn Festival activity, themed “Gathering at HZAU, Enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival”. Freshmen representatives visited the canteen and made mooncakes together.
Li Jiapan, a staff of Taoyuan canteen, briefly introduced the freshmen representatives about the special dishes of each canteen booth and the safety and hygiene of the kitchen, and showed students the raw material checking room, disinfection room, steaming room, etc. Subsequently, staff member Pei Jian took the students to visit Mengzeyuan canteen, Huiyuan canteen and Food Delivery Center. Through the on-site visit, the students learned detailedly about the management system, operation mode, sanitary supervision and other aspects of the canteen. Liu Yuyi, a Business Administration major from Class 2103, and Hu Yuxiao, an Animal Science major from Class 2101, shared their feelings about the standardized canteen management, strict sanitary requirements and the hard-working staff.
DIY mooncake making activity was held in the Mengzeyuan canteen. Zhong Qin, the baking staff of Mengzeyuan canteen, explained in detail the production process while making mooncakes. Later, a mooncake with HZAU logo was finished. All the students felt excited and started to make DIY mooncakes happily in an orderly manner. After a while, trays were filled with molded mooncakes. Students can’t wait to taste and share their mooncakes upon finishing. “It’s my first time to make mooncake in person. I feel really happy to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with so many classmates in such a unique way.” Zhao Minyou, an Environmental Engineering major from Class 2102 , said excitedly.
Qiao Juan, the activity director from Food Service Center of Logistics Support Division, said: “Those freshmen are away from home for the first time and cannot be reunited with their families during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Therefore, we hope to jointly celebrate the festival and enjoy the jubilant moment by making mooncakes ourselves. This embodies HZAU’s humanistic care to our students. Meanwhile, by closely visiting the kitchen and learning about diet, students have the chance to know more about the school canteen and feel at ease about food safety and sanitation.”
After the activity, freshmen shared the mooncakes made by themselves with their roommates and classmates. Aria, a Mongolian girl, felt happy to participate in such an activity and said: “I greatly miss my family because of being far from home. Thanks to such a special activity, we are so moved to make mooncakes and celebrate the festival with classmates from different areas and ethnic groups. We really feel the warmth of HZAU and enjoy a special Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Translated by: Duan Jun
Supervised by: Zhang Juan